If you're in the business of managing or designing web sites you probably already have partnerships established with complementary businesses. The value of any partnership comes from benefits that all parties derive from the relationship. If you bring us business, we'll pay you money. It's that simple.
Real Money
Let's face it, regardless of your level of technical expertise, if a client needs a sophisticated software solution it's easier for you to buy it than to create it. Spend a little time with our demos and you'll realize you can't get all the high powered features such as inventory control and reporting by modifying some shopping cart. BookMyFun Online Reservation Systems is a high-powered, database-driven reservation system. All you'll need to do is add a few links to your customers' web sites and we'll do the minor training and support BookMyFun Online Reservation Systems requires.
We're not talking about a few pennies for click-through you can never really verify. If you bring us a customer you get a check for up to half of the Setup Fee. Naturally you're free to price your participation in acquiring and installing the reservation system any way you like.

Contact us during the bidding phase or anytime thereafter for more details about becoming a BookMyFun Online Reservation Systems partner.

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