The heart of the BookMyFun Online Reservation Systems service is the online reservation/registration/ticketing engine. There's no other service with as much power and versatility. Users can cherry-pick the features they need and virtually build their own reservation system.
Easy to Integrate
You will:
  • Learn the application in a few hours
  • Teach others immediately
  • Add simple links to your existing web site
You won't:
  • Install anything on your computer
  • Spend hours with manuals
  • Need any additional hardware or software
If you can surf the Internet, you know enough to setup and maintain BookMyFun Online Reservation Systems
Accessible from any Computer, Anywhere in the World
Customers, employees and managers can check schedules and book reservations from any computer with Internet access.
Small businesses can automate their entire reservation system and maintain it on the Web for as little as $50 per month.
Free Training
All initial staff training is included with usage fees.
Free Email Support
Most questions can be answered by our expert staff within a few hours.
Fast Entry
Consecutive dates and times can be added with blazing speed. An entire month can be added in minutes.
Help Buttons
Clear, simple instructions are linked to Help buttons that are placed at every stage of the setup process.
Unlimited Activity Types and Activities
You can add as many categories, sub-categories, dates and times as you want (does not apply to Budget Solutions).
The BookMyFun Online Reservation System allows organizations that have members who pay to join such as a golf club, to pay a lower price based on having their membership up-to-date. The public pays a higher rate and, as long as membership isn't expired, the member pays a designated lower rate. Membership fees for expired members can also be collected before a member is allowed to place a reservation.
Agent Setup
You can set up agents, employees or associates who are allowed to place reservations with or without a credit card. You can authorize agents to review reservations or prevent them from seeing the reservations. You can track reservations by agent for the purpose of collecting fees or paying commissions.
BookMyFun Online Reservation Systems allows you to review all reservations at the touch of a button. You can check the names of customers by activity type, activity, date and time. You have instant access to lists of all future and past customers.
Multiple Day Option
If you take multiple day reservations for the same item, such as a hotel room, you can elect to have your customers search by selecting the start date and the number of days. BookMyFun Online Reservation Systems will find and reserve the appropriate items or display the days that aren't available.
Reservation Linking
If you have different groups of customers, seniors and non-seniors for example, and they pay different rates for the same activity, you can link them. Once they're linked, you can post all your available reservations for both groups. Every time a customer from one group makes a reservation, it cancels a spot in the other group. Even though you post twice as many spots as you have available, you can't oversell the activity.
Additional Products/Services
You can include instructions and additional products or services that alter the activity's price. For example, if you offer an optional book with a class or a discount for kids, BookMyFun Online Reservation Systems will offer these options to customers. When they select them, the base price of the activity will be adjusted up or down accordingly. You can also get information such as coupon numbers and member Ids using this function.
2 Hour, Off-site Backups
Your records are safe with BookMyFun Online Reservation Systems. Every 2 hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your records are sent securely to an off-site computer. In the highly unlikely event of data loss on our system, your records can be restored in a matter of minutes.
Extensive Report Generation
You can capture all transaction data by month, week, day or minute and import it into any database such as Access, any spreadsheet such as Excel and any accounting program such as Quickbooks. You can view it on screen in HTML format (simple web page) and print it out for future reference
There are lots of technical specifications you can get by contacting BookMyFun. Follow this link for a non-technical article that explains our technology model.
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