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One of President Bush's 24 EGovernment initiatives aimed at streamlining federal work processes and reducing government spend, ETravel services, or ETS, would replace 250 disparate booking practices, cut travel management costs by more than 50 percent during the next 10 years and bring online booking adoption to 70 percent, according to GSA (BTN, Sept. 20, 2004). Last year, GSA estimated that transactional costs, which currently average $52 for each reservation, would dip to $30 per reservation.

Florida Society of Medical Assistants Inc. will hold its 52nd annual convention, at the Ramada Plaza Hotel & Inn Gateway in Kissimmee, Fl. Those who register online receive a discount.

Parks Canada tested its online reservation system at eight national parks in 2004 and will extend it to almost half of the 40 national parks across Canada in 2005.

Passengers of Sri Lankan airlines, the country's national carrier, can now look forward to making their own airline reservations with the newly introduced internet booking engine from the privacy of their home, office or wherever an internet connection is available.

Air New Zealand has today launched the next step in online travel booking providing the opportunity for customers to create their own holiday packages., its latest website designed exclusively for online shoppers. The business and travel section provides a list of direct links for online resellers of office supplies, equipment, furniture, printing and mail services, and a comprehensive travel section listing all major city guides, airlines, hotels, rental cars and reservation services. offers an online hotel booking service, with focus on now increased portfolio of hotels in the NYC and expanding to other markets including San Francisco and Las Vegas.

As a leading 5-star hotel in Argentina, Hotel Edelweiss deals with numbers of travel agents, many of whom require an advanced system for successful operation. The online reservation system is a hotel&Mac226;s „reservation office‰, open 24/7. Travel agents from anywhere around the world can contact a hotel and make reservations regardless of any time difference.

Paris Hotels provides a quick, convenient and economical way for online booking of hotel rooms in Paris. They offer huge (discounts, as much as 60%!) and free night stays at most hotels in Paris.

Gems in Israel has launched a new online reservations center for travel services in Israel. The new travel center,
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