Whether your enterprise is big enough to have staff dedicated to taking reservations or you split the reservation task among other staff, it takes time and costs money. BookMyFun Online Reservation Systems will help you optimize the process. Whether you choose Online Reservations, Offline Reservations, Call Center or Ticketing, we make the process faster, easier and less expensive.
The BookMyFun Online Reservation Systems Engine uses a high-powered, relational database to streamline the process of taking and maintaining reservations. All of the application functions are performed on our high-powered servers, which means you don't have any software or hardware to maintain. You can choose Online Reservations, providing access to the public, Offline Reservations, using the system for in-house reservations only or Private Network providing access to a specific group of users. You can also create your own service by combining services and/or creating custom services with our programmers.
Choose to integrate one of our Call Center Solutions with your Online, Offline or Private services and you can reduce or eliminate the intrusion of reservation phone calls. You might choose to use the call center only at night or on weekends. Either way, your customers will have the convenience and security of instant, guaranteed reservations 24/7.
Toll Free (877) RITE RES 748-3737
(310) 374-0969
Event and entertainment businesses need to sell and track tickets. BookMyFun Online Reservation Systems can set you up to print your own tickets or we can print and manage them for you. The BookMyFun Online Reservation Systems uses Boca Systems ticketing printers to produce custom printed tickets.
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